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Player Results: John Clarke

John Clarke
BT Hurricanes 7-3 Wherstead Tornados
lost to Mark Lewis
beat Kenny Lewis
lost to Adrian Studd
Capel B 7-3 Wherstead Tornados
lost to James Maidstone
lost to Clair Westlake
lost to Alice Flatman
Wherstead Tornados 4-6 St Margarets Manor C
beat Gary Bloomfield
lost to Gavin Bloomfield
lost to Richard Hutchinson
Wherstead Tornados 0-10 St Margarets Manor A
lost to Jimmy Farrow
lost to Paul Cannon
lost to Derek Bloomfield
Wherstead Tornados 2-8 Britannia Ravens
lost to Wayne Shaw
lost to Sonja Talbot
lost to Sean Gridley
Rosary Red 10-0 Wherstead Tornados
lost to Conrad Simons
lost to Charles Fulcher
lost to Gary Cattermole
Wherstead Tornados 3-7 St Margarets Manor B
lost to Andrew Dosher
beat Rosemary Curtis
lost to Gary Young
Wherstead Tornados 1-9 Britannia Falcons
lost to Terry May
lost to Andy Holmes
lost to Daniel Shelley
St Margarets Manor A 7-3 Wherstead Tornados
lost to Jimmy Farrow
lost to Daniel Farrow
lost to Derek Bloomfield