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Player Results: Tony Giddens

Tony Giddens
Britannia Swifts 7-3 Wherstead Comets
lost to Tomasz Zapala
lost to Martin Tomes
lost to Kelly Yeunyongpknan
Wherstead Comets 3-7 ISC A
lost to Keith Potter
lost to Brian Page
lost to Phil Pennell
Wherstead Comets 2-8 BT Bright Stars
lost to Nigel Page
lost to Warren Beeson
lost to Shirish Basant
Trimley A 10-0 Wherstead Comets
lost to Martin Bozier
lost to David Alford
lost to Robert Bozier
Blakenham A 8-2 Wherstead Comets
lost to Antonio Beckles
lost to Kelvin Larking
lost to Kieran Hills
Wherstead Comets 3-7 Hadleigh A
lost to Steve Holland
beat Mike Emmerson
lost to Daniel Young
Wherstead Comets 1-9 Britannia Swifts
lost to Sylvain Floury
lost to Tomasz Zapala
lost to Martin Tomes