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Player Results: Bob Bennett

Bob Bennett
Wherstead Comets 5-5 Helmingham Hornets
lost to Paul Newson
lost to David Gaught
beat Lawrence Cobbold
Wherstead Comets 2-8 ISC A
beat Keith Potter
lost to Brian Page
lost to Barry Burns
Britannia Gulls 7-3 Wherstead Comets
beat Clair Westlake
lost to Daniel Shelley
lost to Terry May
Wherstead Comets 5-5 St Margarets Manor C
lost to Paul Cannon
lost to Derek Bloomfield
lost to Martin Taylor
Hadleigh A 3-7 Wherstead Comets
lost to Mike Emmerson
lost to Steve Holland
beat Graham Mortimer
Wherstead Comets 2-8 Britannia Gulls
lost to Kieran Bean
lost to Mark Tucker
lost to Terry May
BT Ansons 6-4 Wherstead Comets
lost to Barry Stuckey
beat Jack Perkins
lost to Dave Fiddeman