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Player Results: Clive Wakeman

Clive Wakeman
Capel C 6-4 Rosary Yellow
lost to John Colvin
lost to Mark Seymour
lost to Peter Armes
Wherstead Comets 9-1 Rosary Yellow
lost to Melvin Ramsey
lost to Chris Smith
lost to Scott Day
Wherstead Novas 5-5 Rosary Yellow
lost to Willie Buttigieg
lost to Paul Phelan
beat Suzanne Suckling
Rosary Green 3-7 Rosary Yellow
beat Richard Wyatt
lost to Cliff Copping
lost to Nick Revell
Rosary Yellow 5-5 Britannia Petrels
lost to John Seabrook
lost to Peter White
beat Clive French
Rosary Blue 7-3 Rosary Yellow
lost to Phil Wolski
lost to Peter Witton
lost to Michael Ranson
BT Thunderbirds 6-4 Rosary Yellow
lost to Terry Rajat Walia
lost to Kennedy Cheng
lost to Ed Broom
nothing here!