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Player Results: John Colvin

John Colvin
Capel C 6-4 ISC B
lost to Ian Westlake
lost to Rob Butler
beat Graham Fretwell
Wherstead Novas 0-10 Capel C
beat Dave Godbold
beat Suzanne Suckling
beat Willie Buttigieg
St Margarets Manor D 4-6 Capel C
beat Martin Williams
lost to Martin Taylor
lost to Kevin Cordell
Capel C 4-6 Britannia Sparrows
lost to Colin Burton
beat William Forsdike
lost to Mark Boyland
Pickwicks Stowmarket A 8-2 Capel C
lost to David Gough
lost to Mark Cook
lost to Jimmy Tindle
Otley Otters 5-5 Capel C
lost to David Gaught
lost to Paul Newson
beat Mark Lambert
Capel C 8-2 Wherstead Novas
beat Dave Godbold
beat Willie Buttigieg
lost to Suzanne Suckling
BT Thunderbirds 4-6 Capel C
beat Andy Cassy
beat Richard Kear
lost to Kennedy Cheng
Capel C 2-8 Otley Otters
lost to Lawrence Cobbold
lost to David Gaught
lost to Mark Lambert
ISC B 3-7 Capel C
beat Steve Molyneaux
beat Rob Butler
lost to Graham Fretwell