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Player Results: Steven Aylott

Steven Aylott
Wherstead Comets 1-9 Britannia Wrens
lost to Ed Nightingale
lost to Adam Horner
lost to Clive French
Pickwicks Stowmarket B 6-4 Wherstead Comets
lost to Mark Beaumont
lost to Mark Thorpe
beat David Aldous
Wherstead Comets 7-3 Rosary Blue
beat John Gillett
beat Adrian Leech
lost to Peter Witton
Wherstead Comets 6-4 Capel C
lost to Peter Armes
lost to John Colvin
lost to Richard Tatton
Rosary Yellow 7-3 Wherstead Comets
lost to Rosemary Curtis
beat Clive Wakeman
lost to Michael Ranson
nothing here!