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Player Results: Steven Aylott

Steven Aylott
Britannia Wrens 5-5 Wherstead Meteors
lost to James Higgs
beat James Symes
beat Vladimir Muzichuk
Wherstead Meteors 4-6 Kingsfleet
lost to Peter Riley
beat Ian Sexton
beat Leslie Glanfield
Britannia Cormorants 4-6 Wherstead Meteors
beat Joshua Sylvester
lost to Zhen Lu
lost to Peter Adams
BT Defiants 6-4 Wherstead Meteors
lost to Ed Broom
lost to Alison Simons
lost to Andy Cassy
ISC B 7-3 Wherstead Meteors
lost to Chris Avis
lost to Rob Butler
lost to Graham Fretwell
Wherstead Meteors 3-7 ISC B
lost to Rob Butler
beat Graham Fretwell
lost to Chris Avis
Kingsfleet 3-7 Wherstead Meteors
beat Leslie Jones
lost to Leslie Glanfield
beat Peter Riley
Wherstead Meteors 5-5 Britannia Cormorants
beat Peter Adams
beat Joshua Sylvester
lost to Zhen Lu
Wherstead Meteors 1-9 BT Defiants
lost to Andy Cassy
lost to Ed Broom
beat Steve Willett
Pickwicks Stowmarket B 4-6 Wherstead Meteors
beat Adrian Copping
lost to Mark Beaumont
lost to Mike Chenery
Wherstead Meteors 10-0 Britannia Buzzards
beat Natalie Devereux
beat Glenn Stevenson
beat Patrick Heffer
nothing here!