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Player Results: Colin Watts

Colin Watts
Wherstead Meteors 6-4 Britannia Cormorants
lost to Tim King
lost to Graham Shorrock
beat Wendy Shorrock
Britannia Sparrows 6-4 Wherstead Meteors
lost to Charles Law
lost to Rohan Richardson-Todd
lost to Emmanuel Lynch
Rosary Green 6-4 Wherstead Meteors
lost to Nick Revell
beat Richard Wyatt
beat Clive Wakeman
Wherstead Meteors 5-5 Pickwicks Stowmarket C
lost to Johnny Clougherty
beat Mark Beaumont
beat Ray Perry
Wherstead Meteors 6-4 Trimley C
lost to Ian Sexton
lost to Peter Riley
beat Chris Pulham
nothing here!