IDTTL - Division 2, 2004 - 2005

Ipswich & District Table Tennis, Division 3, 2004-2005

Results supplied by Ken Rodwell, Division 3 League Secretary.

Final Table






Brit Gulls201656144
BT Kites201179121
Norbridge 'C'201380120
Hospital 'C'201186114
Trimley 'C'201089111
Wherstead Novas201096104
Brit Merlins207100100
Rosary Blue20711288
Lloyds Colts20612278
Sidegate Lane 'B'20312575
BT Hurricanes20015545

Player Averages

Player Score % Played Team
T Riley4282.3551Brit Gulls
C Burton3978.0050Norbridge 'C'
G Riley3976.4751Brit Gulls
D Long3890.4842Trimley 'C'
E Broom3769.8153BT Kites
M Boyland3585.3741Norbridge 'C'
J Gillett3487.1839Hospital 'C'
P Phelan3181.5838Brit Merlins
D Godbold3063.8347Wherstead Novas
E Mckenzie3058.8251Trimley 'C'
G Pearce3056.6053Lloyds Colts
M Talbot2866.6742Brit Merlins
R Wyatt2848.2858Sidegate Lane 'B'
A Cassy2765.8541BT Kites
D Cattermole2751.9252Rosary Blue
G Elliott2661.9042Wherstead Novas
B Bloomfield2650.0052Rosary Blue
A Edwards2569.4436BT Kites
M Cook2250.0044Lloyds Colts
G Crank2145.6546Rosary Blue
J Follett2136.2158Sidegate Lane 'B'
L Smith2066.6730Hospital 'C'
J Armour2044.4445Hospital 'C'
W Forsdike1954.2935Norbridge 'C'
E Dennington1939.5848Trimley 'C'
I Bullock1850.0036Brit Gulls
M Peers1744.7438Wherstead Novas
C Watts1639.0241Wherstead Novas
M Lowe1583.3318Brit Gulls
N Talbot1562.5024Brit Merlins
B Watts1538.4639Trimley 'C'
I Mitchell1446.6730Hospital 'C'
E Owiny1443.7532BT Kites
R Schwarz1431.8244BT Hurricanes
S Creasey1361.9021Norbridge 'C'
K Cheng1322.0359BT Hurricanes
A Salam1257.1421Brit Gulls
G Earle1234.2935Brit Merlins
K Boboye1231.5838BT Hurricanes
P Rogers1145.8324Hospital 'C'
M Beaumont1123.4047Lloyds Colts
M Westlake916.3655Sidegate Lane 'B'
J Sparrow414.8127Norbridge 'C'
A Leech325.0012Hospital 'C'
M Chenery216.6712Lloyds Colts
A Holding133.333Lloyds Colts
P Packwood133.333Brit Gulls
O Durrsaro116.676BT Hurricanes
P Scates16.6715Lloyds Colts
G Scott16.6715BT Kites
R Crawford13.8526Brit Merlins
E Thorne00.003Wherstead Novas
P Packwood00.003Brit Merlins
T Palmer00.0024Rosary Blue
J Bolusire00.0024BT Hurricanes
Results Up To 8-May-2005
Rosary Blue 2 (B Bloomfield,G Crank) BT Kites 8 (E Broom 3,A Edwards 2,A Cassy 2);
Brit Gulls 5 (T Riley 2,I Bullock 2,P Packwood) Brit Merlins 5 (M Talbot,N Talbot 3);
Trimley 'C' 5 (E Dennington,B Watts 2,E Mckenzie 2) Brit Merlins 5 (M Talbot 3,G Earle);
Trimley 'C' 7 (E Dennington 3,B Watts,E Mckenzie 3) Sidegate Lane 'B' 3 (M Westlake,R Wyatt);
Norbridge 'C' 5 (C Burton 3,W Forsdike,J Sparrow) Rosary Blue 5 (B Bloomfield 2,D Cattermole 2);
BT Kites 7 (E Broom 2,A Cassy 3,E Owiny) Wherstead Novas 3 (D Godbold,G Elliott 2);
BT Kites 5 (E Broom 2,A Edwards 2,E Owiny) Brit Merlins 5 (M Talbot 2,P Phelan 2);
Hospital 'C' 5 (L Smith,J Armour 2,I Mitchell) Rosary Blue 5 (B Bloomfield 3,D Cattermole,G Crank);
Lloyds Colts 7 (M Cook 2,M Beaumont,G Pearce 3) BT Hurricanes 3 (K Boboye,K Cheng 2);
Wherstead Novas 8 (D Godbold 2,C Watts,M Peers) Lloyds Colts 2 (G Pearce 2);
BT Hurricanes 3 (K Boboye 2,K Cheng) Wherstead Novas 7 (C Watts,G Elliott 3,M Peers 2);
BT Hurricanes 4 (K Cheng) Brit Merlins 6 (G Earle 2,P Phelan 3);
BT Hurricanes 4 (K Boboye,R Schwarz 2,K Cheng) Lloyds Colts 6 (M Beaumont 2,G Pearce 3);
BT Hurricanes 4 (R Schwarz 3,K Cheng) Rosary Blue 6 (B Bloomfield,D Cattermole);
Results Up To 12-Apr-2005
Sidegate Lane 'B' 3 (M Westlake,R Wyatt,J Follett) Brit Gulls 7 (T Riley 3,G Riley 3);
Rosary Blue 6 (B Bloomfield 2,D Cattermole 3) Sidegate Lane 'B' 4 (M Westlake 2,R Wyatt,J Follett);
Brit Gulls 10 (T Riley 3,M Lowe 3,G Riley 3) Hospital 'C' 0;
Trimley 'C' 6 (E Dennington,E Mckenzie 2,D Long 3) Wherstead Novas 4 (G Elliott 2,M Peers);
Brit Merlins 4 (M Talbot 2,P Phelan 2) Hospital 'C' 6 (J Gillett 3,P Rogers,J Armour);
Wherstead Novas 4 (C Watts,M Peers 3) Norbridge 'C' 6 (M Boyland 2,C Burton,S Creasey 2);
BT Hurricanes 2 (R Schwarz,K Cheng) Sidegate Lane 'B' 8 (M Westlake,R Wyatt 3,J Follett 3);
Results Up To 29-Mar-2005
Sidegate Lane 'B' 5 (R Wyatt) Norbridge 'C' 5 (C Burton 3,S Creasey 2);
Rosary Blue 2 (B Bloomfield,D Cattermole) Trimley 'C' 8 (E Dennington,E Mckenzie 3,D Long 3);
Brit Gulls 10 (T Riley 3,M Lowe 3,G Riley 3) Rosary Blue 0;
Norbridge 'C' 6 (C Burton 3,W Forsdike 2) Wherstead Novas 4 (D Godbold 2,G Elliott,M Peers);
BT Kites 9 (E Broom 2,A Cassy 2,E Owiny) Sidegate Lane 'B' 1 (R Wyatt);
Hospital 'C' 9 (J Gillett 3,J Armour 2,I Mitchell 3) BT Hurricanes 1 (R Schwarz);
Lloyds Colts 5 (M Cook 2,M Beaumont,G Pearce 2) Sidegate Lane 'B' 5 (R Wyatt 3,J Follett);
Lloyds Colts 7 (M Cook 2,G Pearce 2) Wherstead Novas 3 (C Watts,G Elliott);
Lloyds Colts 1 Brit Merlins 9 (M Talbot 3,N Talbot 3,P Phelan 3);
Brit Merlins 9 (M Talbot 3,N Talbot 2,P Phelan 3) BT Hurricanes 1 (K Boboye);
Wherstead Novas 8 (D Godbold 3,G Elliott 3,M Peers) Hospital 'C' 2 (I Mitchell,A Leech);
BT Hurricanes 5 (K Boboye,R Schwarz 3,K Cheng) Trimley 'C' 5 (B Watts 2,E Mckenzie 2);
BT Hurricanes 2 (K Boboye,R Schwarz) Brit Gulls 8 (I Bullock,M Lowe 3,G Riley 3);
Results Up To 13-Mar-2005
Sidegate Lane 'B' 3 (R Wyatt 2,J Follett) Hospital 'C' 7 (J Gillett 3,J Armour 2,I Mitchell);
Brit Gulls 4 (T Riley 2,A Salam) Norbridge 'C' 6 (M Boyland 3,C Burton 2,S Creasey);
Trimley 'C' 6 (E Dennington,E Mckenzie,D Long 3) Brit Gulls 4 (T Riley 2,I Bullock,G Riley);
Norbridge 'C' 4 (C Burton 2,W Forsdike) Trimley 'C' 6 (E Dennington,B Watts 2,D Long 3);
BT Kites 2 (A Edwards,A Cassy) Brit Gulls 8 (T Riley 3,I Bullock,G Riley 3);
Lloyds Colts 1 (G Pearce) Brit Gulls 9 (T Riley 2,I Bullock 3,G Riley 3);
Brit Merlins 5 (G Earle 2,P Phelan 3) Wherstead Novas 5 (D Godbold 2,C Watts,M Peers);
Wherstead Novas 9 (D Godbold 3,C Watts 3,M Peers 2) BT Hurricanes 1 (K Boboye);
Results Up To 27-Feb-2005
Rosary Blue 7 (B Bloomfield 3,G Crank 3) Lloyds Colts 3 (M Beaumont,M Chenery,G Pearce);
Trimley 'C' 5 (E Mckenzie,D Long 3) BT Kites 5 (E Broom 2,A Cassy,E Owiny 2);
BT Kites 5 (E Broom 2,A Edwards 2,A Cassy) Lloyds Colts 5 (M Cook 3,G Pearce);
BT Kites 6 (E Broom 2,A Edwards 2,E Owiny) Norbridge 'C' 4 (M Boyland 2,C Burton 2);
Hospital 'C' 7 (J Gillett 3,P Rogers,I Mitchell 2) Trimley 'C' 3 (E Dennington,B Watts,E Mckenzie);
Brit Merlins 6 (G Earle 2,P Phelan 3) Sidegate Lane 'B' 4 (R Wyatt);
BT Hurricanes 1 (R Schwarz) BT Kites 9 (E Broom 2,A Edwards 3,E Owiny 3);
BT Hurricanes 0 Norbridge 'C' 10 (M Boyland 2,C Burton 2,W Forsdike 2);
Results Up To 14-Feb-2005
Sidegate Lane 'B' 7 (M Westlake 2,R Wyatt 3,J Follett) Rosary Blue 3 (D Cattermole,G Crank 2);
Rosary Blue 8 (B Bloomfield,D Cattermole 2,G Crank) Brit Merlins 2 (P Phelan 2);
Trimley 'C' 8 (E Dennington 2,B Watts 2,D Long 3) Lloyds Colts 2 (M Beaumont,G Pearce);
Norbridge 'C' 7 (M Boyland 3,W Forsdike 2,J Sparrow 2) Hospital 'C' 3 (L Smith,J Armour);
Hospital 'C' 5 (J Gillett 3,P Rogers) BT Kites 5 (E Broom 2,A Cassy 2,E Owiny);
Lloyds Colts 2 (M Cook) Norbridge 'C' 8 (C Burton 3,W Forsdike 2,S Creasey 3);
Brit Merlins 2 (M Talbot,N Talbot) Brit Gulls 8 (T Riley 3,A Salam,G Riley 3);
Wherstead Novas 6 (D Godbold,G Elliott 3,M Peers) Sidegate Lane 'B' 4 (R Wyatt 2,J Follett 2);
Results Up To 23-Jan-2005
Sidegate Lane 'B' 5 (R Wyatt 2,J Follett 2) Lloyds Colts 5 (M Cook 3,G Pearce,P Scates);
Rosary Blue 7 (B Bloomfield 2,D Cattermole 2,G Crank 2) Wherstead Novas 3 (D Godbold 2,C Watts);
Trimley 'C' 8 (E Dennington 2,E Mckenzie 2,D Long 3) Rosary Blue 2 (B Bloomfield,D Cattermole);
Lloyds Colts 3 (M Cook 2,M Beaumont) Rosary Blue 7 (B Bloomfield 2,D Cattermole,G Crank 3);
Lloyds Colts 4 (G Pearce 3) Hospital 'C' 6 (L Smith 2,J Armour 2,A Leech 2);
Brit Merlins 3 (G Earle,P Phelan 2) BT Kites 7 (E Broom 2,G Scott,A Edwards 3);
Brit Merlins 3 (M Talbot 2,N Talbot) Norbridge 'C' 7 (M Boyland 2,C Burton 3,W Forsdike);
Wherstead Novas 7 (D Godbold 2,G Elliott 2,M Peers 2) Trimley 'C' 3 (E Mckenzie,D Long 2);
Wherstead Novas 2 (D Godbold,G Elliott) Brit Gulls 8 (I Bullock 2,A Salam 2,G Riley 3);
Results Up To 19-Dec-2004
Sidegate Lane 'B' 5 (M Westlake,R Wyatt,J Follett 2) Trimley 'C' 5 (E Mckenzie 2,D Long 3);
Rosary Blue 2 (B Bloomfield,D Cattermole) Hospital 'C' 8 (J Gillett 3,J Armour 3,I Mitchell);
Rosary Blue 3 (D Cattermole 2,G Crank) Brit Gulls 7 (T Riley 3,I Bullock,G Riley 2);
Rosary Blue 9 (B Bloomfield 2,D Cattermole 3,G Crank 3) BT Hurricanes 1 (K Boboye);
Brit Gulls 9 (T Riley 3,M Lowe 3,G Riley 2) BT Hurricanes 1 (K Boboye);
Brit Gulls 8 (T Riley 3,A Salam 2,G Riley 2) Sidegate Lane 'B' 2 (R Wyatt,J Follett);
Norbridge 'C' 7 (M Boyland 3,C Burton 3,J Sparrow) BT Hurricanes 3 (K Boboye,K Cheng);
Norbridge 'C' 3 (M Boyland 2,C Burton) Brit Gulls 7 (T Riley 2,M Lowe,G Riley 3);
Hospital 'C' 8 (L Smith 3,J Armour 3,I Mitchell) Brit Merlins 2 (M Talbot,G Earle);
Brit Merlins 7 (M Talbot 2,G Earle,P Phelan 3) Lloyds Colts 3 (M Cook 2,G Pearce);
Wherstead Novas 6 (D Godbold 2,G Elliott 3) BT Kites 4 (E Broom 2,A Edwards,A Cassy);
Results Up To 29-Nov-2004
Sidegate Lane 'B' 1 (R Wyatt) BT Kites 9 (E Broom 3,A Cassy 3,E Owiny 2);
Norbridge 'C' 8 (M Boyland 3,C Burton 3,W Forsdike 2) Sidegate Lane 'B' 2 (J Follett);
Hospital 'C' 6 (L Smith 3,J Gillett 2,J Armour) Wherstead Novas 4 (D Godbold,G Elliott 2);
Results Up To 19-Nov-2004
Rosary Blue 2 (B Bloomfield,G Crank) Norbridge 'C' 8 (C Burton 3,W Forsdike,S Creasey 3);
Brit Gulls 6 (I Bullock,A Salam 2,G Riley 2) Trimley 'C' 4 (E Mckenzie,D Long 3);
Trimley 'C' 8 (E Dennington 3,B Watts,E Mckenzie 3) BT Hurricanes 2 (R Schwarz,K Cheng);
BT Kites 6 (E Broom 2,A Cassy,E Owiny 2) Trimley 'C' 4 (E Mckenzie 2,D Long 2);
BT Kites 6 (E Broom 3,A Cassy 2) Rosary Blue 4 (B Bloomfield,D Cattermole 2,G Crank);
Hospital 'C' 10 (L Smith 3,J Gillett 3,P Rogers 3) Sidegate Lane 'B' 0;
Results Up To 1-Nov-2004
Sidegate Lane 'B' 3 (J Follett 2) Brit Merlins 7 (M Talbot 2,N Talbot 2,P Phelan 3);
Brit Gulls 7 (T Riley 2,M Lowe 2,G Riley 2) Lloyds Colts 3 (M Cook,G Pearce 2);
Brit Gulls 6 (T Riley 2,I Bullock 2,A Salam 2) BT Kites 4 (A Cassy 3);
Trimley 'C' 7 (E Dennington 2,B Watts 2,D Long 3) Hospital 'C' 3 (J Gillett,I Mitchell);
Trimley 'C' 6 (E Dennington,E Mckenzie 2,D Long 2) Norbridge 'C' 4 (M Boyland 3,S Creasey);
Norbridge 'C' 6 (M Boyland 2,C Burton 2,W Forsdike 2) BT Kites 4 (A Edwards 3);
Hospital 'C' 5 (L Smith 3,J Gillett 2) Brit Gulls 5 (T Riley 2,I Bullock,G Riley);
Brit Merlins 5 (M Talbot,G Earle,P Phelan 2) Rosary Blue 5 (D Cattermole 3,G Crank 2);
Wherstead Novas 6 (D Godbold 3,C Watts 3) Brit Merlins 4;
Results Up To 14-Oct-2004
Sidegate Lane 'B' 6 (R Wyatt 3,J Follett 2) BT Hurricanes 4 (K Boboye,R Schwarz,K Cheng 2);
Sidegate Lane 'B' 4 (M Westlake,R Wyatt,J Follett) Wherstead Novas 6 (D Godbold 2,C Watts 2,G Elliott 2);
Brit Gulls 8 (T Riley 2,I Bullock 3,A Salam 2) Wherstead Novas 2 (D Godbold 2);
Norbridge 'C' 6 (M Boyland 2,C Burton 2,W Forsdike 2) Brit Merlins 4 (M Talbot 2,G Earle);
Norbridge 'C' 4 (M Boyland 3,W Forsdike) Lloyds Colts 6 (M Beaumont 2,A Holding,G Pearce 2);
BT Kites 6 (E Broom 2,A Edwards,A Cassy 2) Hospital 'C' 4 (J Gillett 3,J Armour);
BT Kites 10 (E Broom 3,A Edwards 3,A Cassy 3) BT Hurricanes 0;
Hospital 'C' 9 (L Smith 2,J Gillett 3,P Rogers 3) Lloyds Colts 1 (M Chenery);
Hospital 'C' 4 (L Smith 2,J Gillett 2) Norbridge 'C' 6 (M Boyland 3,C Burton,S Creasey);
Lloyds Colts 6 (M Cook 2,M Beaumont 2,G Pearce 2) BT Kites 4 (E Broom,A Edwards 2);
Lloyds Colts 6 (M Cook 2,G Pearce 3) Trimley 'C' 4 (B Watts,E Mckenzie,D Long 2);
Brit Merlins 7 (M Talbot 3,R Crawford,N Talbot 3) Trimley 'C' 3 (B Watts,E Mckenzie);
Wherstead Novas 7 (D Godbold 3,C Watts 2,G Elliott) Rosary Blue 3 (B Bloomfield 2,D Cattermole);
BT Hurricanes 3 (K Cheng,O Durrsaro) Hospital 'C' 7 (P Rogers 2,J Armour 2,I Mitchell 3);