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Just occasionally you play a match where something out of the ordinary happens.
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Feb 2008

A match between Helmingham and Wulfs this week saw a ceremonial breaking of the ball mid game. The ball surviving until the fifth match of the night, where the first two ends were ridden with nets and edges from both players (Graham v Justin), so much so, it was making the game a bit of a farce much to the amusement of those watching. One well placed stamp soon removed the culprit who stood no chance. This was followed by frantic searching through numerous empty boxes until a replacement could be found. First point with the new ball, you guessed it, point won via the net!
Is this the end of the story? Nope. During the knock up for the sixth game, both Trevor and Lawrence complained that the new ball was moving though the air in a strange manner. Time to dig out another ball.
And that's not all!
During the game between Trevor and Graham, with Graham up 10 - 7ish, Trevor hits the ball to the base of the net (actually hitting the net stanchion) and the ball flies up high into the rafters. By the time it lands on the opposing side of the table Trev is already half way round the table to play the next end. Graham just waits and half heartily smacks the ball, missing the table. The umpire calls game. A brief discussion about the point actually being won by Trev results in yours truly being told to shut up ;-), and the next end played.