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1. Name and Object

1.a. The League shall be called the Ipswich & District Table Tennis League, hereafter to be referred to as "the League" and shall be affiliated to the Suffolk County Table Tennis Association and to Table Tennis England (TTE).
1.b. The League's object shall be to:-
1.b.1. Conduct and arrange annual competitions, tournaments and individual competitions for affiliated clubs and their registered players.
1.b.2. Promote and encourage the game of Table Tennis at all levels in every possible way.
1.b.3. Ensure that all matches and competitions are played according to the TTE's rules and or guidelines as issued including those relating to conduct.

2. Membership

2.a. CLUBS
Membership of the League shall be open to all table tennis clubs whose home playing venue is within a 12 mile radius from the center of Ipswich .
Membership of CLUBS is renewable at the Annual General Meeting by the submission of an entry form for the forthcoming season.
Membership of the League shall be open to any player who is registered by an affiliated club.
Clubs and or players whose conduct is inappropriate or who decline to abide by any of the Rules may be expelled or suspended by a resolution passed at a meeting of the disciplinary subcommittee where their affiliation or registration fees may be forfeited.
Members shall have the right of appeal in person to the Executive Committee with regard to any decision affecting themselves, provided that notice of such appeal shall be submitted to the General Secretary, in writing, within seven days of notification of the decision.
2.d. If a club suspends, bans or imposes any restriction upon a club member, the club must inform the league of the nature of the restriction to allow the league committee to assess the suitability of the player to take part in league competitions (this includes league matches and tournaments).

3. Officers

The Officers of the League shall be as follows:
President- non executive officer
Vice President(s) - non executive officer
Executive officers:
General Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Registration/Handbook Secretary
Divisional Secretaries
Tournament Secretary
Coaching Secretary
Press Officer
Development Officer
and up to three other persons.
The Executive Committee together with the President and Vice-Presidents shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the League, from and by, the members of the League. All officers are elected for a period of one year but may be re-elected for a further year to an existing or new post.

4. Administration

4.a. The affairs of the League shall be controlled by an Executive Committee comprising of the Executive Officers elected at the Annual General Meeting subject to the over riding authority of the Annual General or Special General Meeting. The Executive Committee shall meet at least four times a year having at least 5 persons present to constitute a quorum.
4.b. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be:
4.b.1. To control the affairs of the League on behalf of the Members
4.b.2. Deal with matters not covered by the League Rules.
4.b.3. Appoint the following Sub-committees:
Playing Standards
Appeals relating to deduction of points and or fines imposed
Tournament / competitions
4.b.4. Co-opt members.
4.b.5. Veto any application for club affiliation or player registration.
4.b.6. Produce and circulate a League Handbook.
4.b.7. Propose amendments to Rules.
4.b.8. To keep accurate accounts of the finances of the League through the Hon. Treasurer.
4.b.9 Disputes
Where a dispute is referred to the Executive Committee each club concerned may send a representative to state their case. The representative(s) must withdraw whilst the matter is adjudicated. The verdict given shall be final and binding on all parties. Any appeal to the Suffolk County Table Tennis Association by the clubs concerned must be lodged within 21 days of the Executive Committee's notification to the clubs of their verdict.

4.b.10 Playing Standards
The Playing Standards Sub-committee will investigate complaints regarding conditions. The Playing Standards Committee may visit any League venue and submit a report to the Executive. Where the Executive Committee deem playing conditions are not satisfactory they may take any action needed in the interests of the League.

5. Subscription and Finance

5.a. Each club shall become affiliated to the League by payment of a subscription (see Appendix A) which may if applicable include the affiliation fee to the English Table Tennis Association and Suffolk County Table Tennis Association. Application forms and payment are to be submitted at the Annual General Meeting proceeding the forthcoming season.
5.b. Players shall become registered by payment of a fee (see Appendix A) which may if applicable include any levies due to the English Table Tennis Association and Suffolk County Table Tennis Association, and the notification to the Registration Secretary of the player's name.
5.c. All affiliation fees, registration fees and fines will be determined by the Honorary Treasurer, endorsed by the Executive Committee.
5.d. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the handling of all League monies. Monies will be deposited in an account in the name of the League in forms of investment approved by the Executive Committee. All cheques drawn on such account will be signed by two persons nominated by the Executive Committee.
5.e. An honorarium not exceeding £25 for any one position held shall be paid to such persons as approved by the Executive Committee.
5.f. The League's financial year shall end on 30th April annually.
5.g. The League's books shall be audited annually.

6. Annual General Meeting

6.a. The League shall hold an Annual General Meeting each year not later than 31st May and may be attended by all members and a representative of any club intending to seek affiliation. Any person may speak but only persons holding a Ballot Card may make proposals relating to rule changes, or vote.
6.b. The business transacted shall include:-
1. Minutes of the last annual General Meeting and any subsequent Special General Meeting.
2. The Treasurer's financial statement.
3. The General Secretary's report.
4. Election of Officers, and Hon. Auditor.
5. Amendment of any rules, if any.
6. Level of subscriptions and fines for the following season.
7. Any other business.
6.c. At least 28 days written notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to affiliated clubs.
6.d. Any proposed rule amendments must be received by the General Secretary, in writing, at least 21 days prior to the meeting.
6.e. Provided the Club is not in default of payment of fees or fines, each individual team, regardless of their affiliation to a Club, cast their own vote on any future matters. On everything that require a vote.
6.f. Voting shall be by a show of hands or show of Ballot Cards if the Chairman or any person entitled to vote requests such.
6.g. Any club not represented at the Annual General Meeting shall be fined (see Appendix A).
6.h. If at any Annual General Meeting of the League a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the League the General Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting of the League to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution. If at that Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of the Club Members present at the meeting, the Executive Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the League and discharge all debts and liabilities of the League. After discharging all debts and liabilities of the League the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst Members of the League but shall be transferred to the TTE in trust so that should an Ipswich Table Tennis League be reformed the monies could be transferred.

7. Special General Meeting

7.a. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Executive Committee or upon written request to the General Secretary signed by representatives of at least one third of the total number of affiliated clubs at the time.
7.b. At least 7 days notice of any Special General Meeting shall be given to all affiliated clubs.
7.c. Power and method of voting shall be as for an Annual General Meeting.
7.d. Any business may be transacted provided the provisions of Rule 6(d) are complied with.

8. Constitution

8.a. The League shall be open to all clubs whose home playing venue is within a radius of 12 miles of the center of Ipswich (not applicable to clubs affiliated to the League at 1st January 1976 with unbroken affiliation), and shall be constituted as follows:-
PREMIER DIVISION - one section not exceeding 14 teams.
FIRST AND SUBSEQUENT DIVISIONS not exceeding 14 teams.
8.b. Promotion and Relegation:-
For divisions with 7 or less teams the team finishing in bottom position will be relegated, and the top team promoted from the division below in their place.
For divisions with between 8 and 11 teams the teams finishing in the bottom two positions will be relegated and the top two teams in the division below promoted in their place.
For divisions with between 12 and 14 teams the teams finishing in the bottom three positions will be relegated and the top three teams in the division below promoted in their place.
8.c. Withdrawals:
If for any reason a team or teams withdraw(s) or is/are withdrawn from any Division the number of teams relegated from the Division or Section shall be reduced by the number of teams withdrawn.
8.d. Composition of League

Prior to each season the Executive Committee, taking into account entries, promotions and relegations, shall arrange teams in the League into Divisions according to the Rules above The Executive Committee may move teams from one Division to another for the following reasons:-
1. Promotion and Relegation.
2. In order to equate Divisions by not relegating a team/teams or promoting extra team/teams based on merit, the decision being final.
3. To avoid one club having several teams in one Division.
4. To fill a vacancy, with a team of known strength.
5. To amend the number of teams in each division with the aim of reducing the number of blank weeks in total and to ensure the spread of blank weeks is shared through all divisions as fairly as possible.
8.e. The team winning the Highest Division shall hold the 'Bert Newman Cup' for one year. Individual trophies will be awarded at the discretion of the Executive Committee

9. Player Status

9.a. Each club must register at least three named players for each and all teams. Every player will be allocated a registration number which must be entered on to the match result card, failure to do so may be treated as if the player was not registered and their games will be deemed null and void.

Players' registration details plus TTE Individual Membership numbers should reach the Registration Secretary no later than 1st September; this in order that the league and players are fully covered for Third Party Liability insurance.
Failure to forward either registration or Individual Membership details at least 48 hours prior to the player's first game will result in their matches being null and void. Note:- If a player has received its Individual Membership number through another league it must still provide this reference to the Ipswich League.'

9.b. A player may not play in any division lower than the division in which he is registered without being duly transferred.
c. A team may call on any player registered in a lower division team and that player may play for a higher division team until they have won seven games in higher division team(s). At that point the player will automatically be registered for the higher division team for which they have won the majority of their games. If this should be equal, the player will be registered in the lower team, and the games won in the higher team will count towards any further re-registering calculations.
9.d. No player may play for more than one team in any division.
9.e. Players may, prior to 31st January in any season, apply in writing to the General Secretary for a transfer to another club or team. The player may not play for the new club or team until notified by the Registration/General Secretary that it has been approved.
9.f. Player registrations will not be accepted after 31st January unless especially approved by the Executive Committee.
9.g. When a team withdraws from the League, players in that team may, upon Executive approval, play for any other team without their previous games being counted.

10. Fixtures

10.a.1. The League fixtures to be arranged by the Fixtures Secretary and published on the league website.
10.a.2. Matches shall be played on the designated night in the week allocated. The match may be played in advance by mutual agreement.
10.a.3. Any team wishing to postpone a match must do so by midday on the day of the match at the latest. Regardless of whether contact is made by telephone or email, the request to postpone must be acknowledged by both teams involved. Failure to do so may lead to the offending team being fined.
10.a.4. Any team failing to turn up for a fixture may:
10.a.4.a. have up to the maximum possible points for that match deducted, and/or
10.a.4.b. be fined.
Where a fixture is not fulfilled by the designated night then the Divisional Secretary must be informed by telephone, and if so requested, in writing, with the re-arranged date by both teams. NOTE: Any team secretary being aware of any future home venue problems, must notify the Divisional Secretary as well as the opposition immediately.
10.a.5. Match to commence No earlier than 18:30 and no later than 19:30 (home team to advise if not 19:30), but allowing away team prior access to a table for a 15 minutes practice. All participating players must be present within 15 minutes of arranged start time to play in the scheduled order unless mutually agreed at least 24 hours prior to the match start. If there are less than five participating players present, a match shall be declared void and the offending team/s may have the maximum points available deducted and may be fined.
10.b. Where a team plays an ineligible player, any games won by that player will be awarded to the opposing team.
10.c. Where a team withdraws from the League before completing its fixtures, the League Table shall be adjusted accordingly and a Blank Week incorporated into the fixture list. Clubs will be advised of relevant withdrawals by the General Secretary.
10.d. Where a match is not scheduled for completion before the date shown on the fixture list as 'season ends' a written report by both team secretaries shall be submitted to the Executive Committee who will decide what action, if any, is to be taken bearing in mind promotion and relegation issues.
10.e. Any team not having withdrawn from the League may be fined (see Appendix A) for every fixture not fulfilled.

11. Procedure for League Matches

11.a. Matches to be played in accordance with the rules adopted by the English Table Tennis Association and with an approved ball (see Appendix B).
11.b. A match shall consist of 10 sets each the best of 5 games.
11.c. Teams shall consist of not more than 3 players, the home team with players nominated A, B and C and the visiting team players nominated X,Y and Z.
11.d. Each member of the home team will play each member of the visiting team. The order of play shall be: AvX, BvY, CvZ, BvX, AvZ, CvY, BvZ, CvX, AvY.
Recommendation: If a match includes a junior player they may play games 1, 3 and 5.
In addition one set of doubles shall be played between 2 members of the home team and 2 members of the visiting team
11.e. The umpire for each set shall alternate between the teams involved, the first set shall be umpired by the home team. The umpire's decision is final.
11.f. Each match shall be played to a finish and each team will be awarded a point for each set won.
11.g. League positions shall be decided by the number of sets won. If there is a tie a play-off match will be arranged, if required if promotion or relegation are involved.

12. Results (League Matches)

Home team secretaries must enter the result on the website of the match played within 72 hours of the match being played. If the result is not entered within 72 hours a fine (Appendix A) will be imposed on the home team

13. Individual Championships and Tournaments

The Executive Committee shall appoint a Sub-committee to assist the Tournament Secretary to arrange annual individual and doubles championships and any other tournaments as they shall think fit. The Sub-committee shall draw up any rules, conditions and level of entry fees applicable to such events but, subject to the above, the running of the championships and tournaments shall be left to the absolute discretion of the Tournament Secretary.

14. Bats

As per ITTF regulations the surface of one side of the racket must be black and the surface of the other side must be red, purple, pink, green or blue. NOTE TTE Rules state pimpled rubber covered bats must have pimples evenly distributed over the entire surface i.e. no bald areas.

15. Rubbers

Only racket coverings that are currently authorised by the ITTF can be used. The covering must be in the CURRENT list, and applies to all rubber types, reverse, anti, pimples etc.

16. Rackets

A racket cannot be changed during the course of an individual match unless it becomes accidentally damaged so badly that it is unusable.

17. Double Hits

A point is not scored against a player for an accidental double hit. An accidental double hit, such as the ball touching the racket and the racket hand, can be ignored.

18. TTE Membership.

All players must have TTE Individual Membership to play in the Ipswich League. (see section 9.a above)

19. Balls

Only ITTF approved plastic balls will be used for all IDTTL league and tournament matches with effect from 1st September 2015. (see APPENDIX B below...)



Players clothing shall normally consist of a short sleeved shirt and shorts or skirt, socks and playing shoes. A playing shirt, shorts or skirt shall be mainly of a uniform colour other than white.
Affiliation Fee per Team £18.00 If the team is brand new, or has not been registered to the league in the last 3 years, the team registration fee will be waived
Registration Fee per PlayerAdult £15.00
Junior £6.00
If the player is a brand new Ipswich player, or returning after more than 3 years’ absence, the player registration fee will be waived
For not sending a representative to the A.G.M£5.00
For each fixture not completed£5.00
For breach of League RulesMaximum of £10.00
For failing to enter the match result within the stipulated period£2.00
For a postponed or void match£5.00


All balls must be Plastic, 40mm of 3 Star Quality
MATCHES TO BE PLAYED 5 sets of 11 points.