How to Play in the Ipswich League

As a Player, how to play in the League
As an individual, or as a group of individuals, you can join an existing club. The club will help you setup a team, or slot you into an existing team and enter you to play in the League.
A club will understand your playing level and be able to advise as to which division would suit you.
As a group of players, you can form your own club and enter your team(s) into the League, see below 'What makes a team?'
As an individual, a player can apply direct to the League Secretary as to which teams are in need of additional players and arrange contact via that channel.

What makes a team?
A team will be normally be one of a number of teams in a club. However, there is nothing to prevent a team being the sole team in a club.
A team will consist of a minimum of three players (there is no maximum number).
One member of the team will be nominated as Team Secretary, and their contact details passed to other team secretaries in which ever division they are assigned.
A new team will normally apply to play in the League at the League's AGM. However, late entries are usually accepted within 3-4 weeks of the season starting.
A team will play its home matches at a nominated venue, on a nominated weekday evening (7 - 11pm), although matches may be rearranged to mutual agreeable alternative dates.
Home nights are usually Monday to Thursday, avoiding Friday and weekends.
A team will usually play alternately home and then away each week. However, teams occasionally play home or away two weeks on the trot depending upon the draw.
New teams should note that some venues ie. village halls, only allow booking on say the first, second, etc week of the month. Given some months have 4 weeks and others 5 weeks this does not fit well with the League draw assignment.

How to Enter a New Team into the League
A new team can be entered into the League before the start of a new season. A season typically runs from September until the following April.
Membership of the League is open to all Table Tennis clubs whose home playing venue is within a 12 mile radius from the center of Ipswich.
To apply to play in the League, the team needs to contact the League Secretary, giving the following details:
You can contact the League Secretary by email at IDTTL.

Prerequisites for a player / team to play the League
Each player will pay the League a registration fee, although for a brand new player to the league this is waivered, see here
For a new team the team registration fee is waivered.
Each player is required to become a Table Tennis England (TTE) 'Compete Member', see here