IDTTL -- Insurance


Questions answered by the ETTA:

1. The club runs Saturday morning coaching for juniors, these juniors are not members of the club, are these juniors covered by the (ETTA) leagues insurance?

Claims against the club from the juniors (or their legal guardians) are covered (as long as child protection procedures & risk assessment measures are followed). The juniors themselves are not insured for claims made against them. This is considered to be their own personal/social risk and probably insured under their family's home contents' insurance.

2. The club runs open tournaments and some of the entrants are from other leagues or players who don't play locally and and aren't registered in the IDTTL, are these players covered by the insurance?

Again, claims made against the club from these other players are covered. As long as the clubs/players are members of the ETTA they are insured for claims against them. If they are not ETTA affiliated member clubs or players then they are not insured unless they have their own seprarate insurance policy in place.

3. The club holds practice nights twice a week, non-member can play for a nominal fee, these non members are not registered players of the IDTTL, are these players covered by the insurance?

No, although the club continues to be insured for claims against them from the non-members. When the ETTA moves to individual membership; these individuals will be able to choose to join & get the cover.

4. We also have a club (if that is the correct term) that doesn't operate a membership, its all pay and play, are these players covered by the IDTTL insurance. This club has paid a £10pa club affiliation fee

I think we can view it as an activity carried out directly by the league and therefore claims that the participants make are insured under the league's cover. (Keep a daily register of participants, if someone makes a claim you will need some evidence that they attended on the day in question)
The comments in Q.1 still apply - i.e. the cover does not apply to them individually (for claims made against them), this is their own social risk. They may be given the option to affiliate as an IM.