IDTTL Website Upgrade. June 2019

The IDTTL website is currently undergoing a 'small' update to display correctly on mobile devices.So far, the Home page, together with the News and News Archive pages have had a makeover. Further changes will be made to other pages, working down the navigation menu.You may spot the odd feature/bug, but these will be sorted out as they appear.

IDTTL AGM Minutes Summary. June 2019

Secretary’s Report
40 teams entered in the league this season, down 3 from last season.
Prices for teams/players will remain the same for the new season. £18 per team £15 adult and £6 a junior.
The Committee have decided to have a seasonal Player of the Division Trophy — each registered player can vote on their player of the division. Gives an opportunity for players that don’t win all their matches or the league to be recognised.
Championships Report
The overall turnout was 57 players compared to 67 the previous year.
The championship tables had been stored at Kesgrave but with Steve Branton finishing his coaching at the sports centre, we have been given notice that the tables must be removed. The Committee are looking for temporary storage for 9 fold up tables, until we find a permanent home. David Gaught of Otley Otters to investigate a potential space for short term storage.
Jimmy gave special thanks to John Leith, Mike Wright, Peter Armes, Sean Gridley, Richard Goodhand and Steve Branton for all their support with the Championships over the past 12 years.
Treasurer’s Report
Ran through the notes to the accounts.
The league can then look to deploy these funds for the benefit of the league, if Clubs need help with improvements to their facilities requests can be made.
Amendment to Rule
6 e) Current Rules
Provided a club is not in default of payment of fees or fines they may vote on any proposition or amendment in accordance with the number of teams they had at the preceding season's end as follows:- 1 team : 1 vote; 2 teams : 2 votes, and so on.
New Rule
Provided the Club is not in default of payment of fees or fines, each individual team, regardless of their affiliation to a Club, cast their own vote on any future matters. On everything that require a vote.
All Clubs in favour, Wherstead sustained from voting.
Presentations made to this season's Divisional winners and runners up.
Dorris Fox Award, services to the League: Ken Rodwell, Hadleigh
Jim Kenworthy Award — Most Improved Junior: Henry Shaw
After numerous years as Treasurer and twelve years organising the Championships, the Committee thanked Jimmy for all his hard work.
The Premier League Trophy has gone missing. Britannia to cover the cost of a new one.
Election of Officers
Jimmy Farrow is stepping down as current League Treasurer and Championship Secretary.
James Maidstone to be elected as League Treasurer. No opposition to this from the floor, Committee proposed by Pickwicks, seconded by Ipswich Sports Club.
Request made for a Championship Secretary and League Chairman.
Nobody forthcoming to fill vacant positions.
A suggestion that the Committee charge per team not a charge per team and players, idea had been discussed previously and was dismissed.
BT Hurricanes had failed to complete all their matches. The matches missed fortunately didn’t effect any team’s position in the league. As a first offence no punishment was considered.
Full entry details for visiting Clubs when going to BT are to be distributed.
Advertising the League was discussed, all ideas welcomed. The Ipswich Carnival to be on the agenda at next Committee meeting.
A request for a reminder that matches are to start at 7.30pm and cancelled matches are to be acknowledged by both teams. The League Secretary to circulate this reminder with the fixtures.
With the voting changed, the committee may consider holding another EGM to change the league format.
If anyone is considering taking up table tennis coaching or has an interest please speak to our Coaching Secretary Aad Kwakkelstein. The Committee will consider each individual case and maybe be able to contribute towards course fees.
Meeting closed at 20:35

IDTTL AGM Presentations. May 2019

AGM - Wednesday 22nd May. May 2019

A reminder that the IDTTL AGM is being held at the Rosary Club next Wednesday 22nd May. 7.30PM start. A representative of every Club must be in attendance.

Before the AGM, don't forget to forward on your team nominations for following awards:

Doris Fox Award -- Services to the League

Jim Kenworthy Cup -- most-improved Junior​

Look forward to seeing you all then!

Storage Space needed!. May 2019

Due to the closure of Kesgrave TTC the IDTTL tables can no longer be housed at their Sports Centre. Do you have or know of suitable storage for 11 tables whilst a permanent home can be found?

They are the tables that are used for the IDTTL championships and are valuable to the league as a whole. Please contact a IDTTL committee member if you can assist.

Jimmy Farrow. Apr 2019

Jimmy Farrow is stepping down as IDTTL Treasurer and Championship Secretary after 12 years :( I am sure that you will pass on your thanks to Jimmy for all his hard work over the years, the good news is that he will still be playing! Ooossa!

We are very fortunate that James Maidstone has offered to take up the role of Treasurer, in the addition to his new role of Press Officer. This does however, still leave us with the vacant position of Championship Secretary. If anyone is interested in this role please let a member of the committee know!

Handicap Cup Result!. Apr 2019

Britannia Swifts win K.O. Cup A close and exciting evening of table tennis saw Britannia Swifts overcome Pickwicks Stowmarket ‘A’ on Wednesday evening to win the Ipswich & District Table Tennis League’s Knock Out Cup. The contest produced some exciting, entertaining table tennis, with the 2 teams battling hard all evening.It was ‘nip and tuck’ for the first 5 games with no more than 1 point in it, then David Gough of Pickwicks gave them a 7 point advantage at game 8, however Swifts were not to be overcome and came back strongly to gain a 2 point advantage after the doubles section (game 12). Swifts team of Sylvain Floury, Martin Tomes and Kelly Yungyounpakman then played decisive games to gain a 19 point lead after game 17. Pickwicks managed to reduce this to 15 points but, despite great play by Jimmy Tindle, Mark Cook and David Gough, they could not close the gap further, Britannia Swifts winning by 269 points to 254.

IDTTL 2019 AGM. April 2019

Notice of the 2019 IDTTL AGM: Wednesday May 22nd, 7.30pm at the Rosary Club.

New Committee Member. Mar 2019

I am sure that you will all join us in welcoming James Maidstone to the IDTTL Committee as Press Officer!

If you have any Table Tennis related news, please send it to James.

If you are also interested in joining the committee please get in contact!

Handicap Cup Update. Mar 2019

The final of the Handicap Cup has been arranged for Wednesday 3rd April at Britannia Table Tennis Club. This years final is between Britannia Swifts and Pickwicks A! Spectators welcome. Congratulations to both teams for making it to the final!

IDTTL League Scoring System. Mar 2019

Ever considered how your team matches up with your opponents if matches were decided on the total games won on a night? So even if you lost a match 3:2 you would still be credited with the 2 games you won...
Div 1Div 1
Div 2Div 2
Div 3Div 3

IDTTL 2019 Championships Entry Times. Mar 2019

Entry times can be found here...

League Handbook. Feb 2019

We are missing an old handbook from our files, Do you have the IDTTL handbook from 1977-1978? If so, please let us know!

Thank you!

EGM - Update. Jan 2019

Thank you to all that came to the EGM last night! Lots of interesting points raised and potential ideas to consider. After a very close vote - NO CHANGE! 📊🗳
It was 18-22 (55%) against Proposal 1 (8 team divisions) and 3-37 (92%) against Proposal 2 (7 game matches).

Ipswich Championships!🏆. Jan 2019

The Ipswich & District Championships!

The deadline for entering the 2019 Ipswich & District Championships is the 31st January! 🏆 Click the link on the left hand side to enter your details.

If you are able to offer assistance setting up the hall or over the weekend, please note this on your entry - all help gratefully received!

We are also looking for raffle prizes for the weekend. If you or your company have anything to donate please contact Championship Secretary:

👨🏽 Jimmy Farrow

Many thanks!

EGM - Additional Information. Jan 2019

Just to clarify Club Secretaries can vote in or out for both the new proposals. Both proposals could also be voted in together. We will revert back to current league format if neither proposal is voted in.

New League Format Proposals. Dec 2018

If you have any comments or questions regarding the proposals, please feel free to add to the discussion on the forum... IDTTL TT Issues

IDTTL League Formats. Dec 2018

Our aim will be to have 1 blank week for each division each half season.
The Championships will base their divisional competitions on the first half of the season results.
The Championships divisional competitions will be renamed Band 1, Band 2 and Band 3 respectively.
Team Registrations are to remain the same for the complete Table Tennis season, September - April.
Positives of proposal 1:
Something to play for all season round.
The season lasts longer.
It keeps the Premier division stronger.
It keeps every division more competitive.
More opportunities for lower league players to play up.
Playing different players, following promotion/relegation.
More Table Tennis!
Negatives of proposal 1:
Matches in the first half of the season must be completed by the 31st December.
Matches in the second half must be completed by the 30th April.
More Table Tennis!

Two teams of 3 would attend every match as normal but there would be 2 singles each and a doubles.
What would a league night look like?
A v Y
B v X
C v Z
A v X
C v Y
B v Z
Positives of proposal 2
Earlier finish, of approx 9.45pm -10pm which would hopefully:
Encourage younger players to join the league.
Help league players that work away or travel further.
Could allow a longer social break in play.
Could allow for post match team practices.
Negatives of proposal 2
Less Table Tennis!

AGM. Dec 2018

Our AGM will be held on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at Rosary Conservative Club, 7.30pm.
Further information to follow.

EGM. Dec 2018

Club Secretaries have just received an email containing two proposals for the new season.
These proposals will be presented and discussed at our EGM and voted in or out.
A representative from each Club must attend. All IDTTL Members are able to attend, just email: to let us know.
The meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd January at Ipswich Sports Club, 7.30pm.
Many thanks!

Old and used rubbers!. Dec 2018

🎄 As it’s the season for giving, if you’re thinking of throwing away your old and used rubbers, please instead think of donating them so that they can be used in a local Suffolk secondary school! Their young table tennis members are very keen! Please contact to arrange collection. Thank you!!

Handicap Cup - UPDATE. Dec 2018

Well done to all teams through to next round of the Handicap Cup.
I have revised the handicaps and these have been sent to all team captains.
These matches should ideally be completed by mid January, as with some team members away for the break it may be difficult to fit them in before January.
Good luck to all,
Handicap Cup Secretary

New Committee Members. Nov 2018

Join us in welcoming two new members to the IDTTL Committee!

Fixtures Secretary: Martin Taylor
Coaching Secretary: Aad Kwakkelstein

If you are interesting in joining the committee, get in contact!

Handicap Cup Update. Nov 2018

All of the first round Handicap Cup matches have been played except for 1, which will be played next Monday.

Everyone so far has enjoyed the matches, a change from league.

Handicap Secretary Brian will look at the handicaps this week and post new ones if necessary in time for the 2nd round. I expect the 2nd round to be during the Christmas/New Year break!

Ipswich & District Championships!. Nov 2018

You can now enter the 2019 Ipswich & District Championships! 🏆 Click the link on the left hand side to enter your details! Closing date January 31st.

We are looking for raffle prizes for the weekend. If you or your company have anything to donate please contact Championship Secretary:

👨🏽 Jimmy Farrow

Thank you!

Handicap Cup 18/19 DRAW. Nov 2018

The Draw for the 2018/2019 Handicap Cup has been made and can be found in the left hand side link:

or use the following link:

Score Card photo upload. Nov 2018

For those who have attempted to upload score card photos via your phone, you may have received an 'invalid photo' message. This was due to the server rejecting photos as being too large. If this was the case, please download an app on your phone to 'resize photos'. After installing the app, resize the card photo to approximately 600 by 400 and then repeat the score card photo upload.

Uploading score card Photos. Oct 2018

For a trial period we are allowing teams to upload photos of their match results. You may do this either after emailing the results in the usual way and then selecting the button to upload the photo on the last page, or by selecting the 'Send Results Card Photo' on the left hand navigation menu. Note that using the menu method requires the result to have been entered earlier, ie. you can also upload photos of matches played at the start of the season.
Only results from the current season can be uploaded.
Please obscure any signatures on the result card (there is no real need to actually sign the cards at present) prior to taking the photo. You may either take a photo or scan them in them in. Only JPG files will be accepted.
Score card photos will be displayed once they have been validated, usually within 24 hours.
Please be aware that this is still a trial and may require a little time to resolve any bugs/features that may have bred during the coding process!

Handicap Cup 18/19 DRAW. Oct 2018

The Draw for the 2018/2019 Handicap Cup has been made and can be found in the left hand side tab on our website. Also available are the score cards and rating sheets which can be printed.

Handicap Cup 18/19. Oct 2018

2018/2019 Handicap Cup.

A reminder email about entering the Handicap cup has been circulated to all Club and Team Secretaries. Deadline for entering is Friday 12th October. If you need further information please contact Brian Blagden, the IDTTL Handicap Cup Secretary.

Email: bjb-serta

Player required for Div 2. Sept 2018. Sep 2018

Part-time player required for Pickwicks, playing at Baylham Village Hall in Div 3. Sandwiches are provided at home matches and annual subs are around £40 (cheap and cheerful).Anyone interested please contact Mike Chenery (07763 469045).

Premier Division Changes. Sept 2018

Britannia Flamingos have withdrawn from the league. Premier teams should reprint their fixtures.

IDTTL Championship Dates. Sept 2018

Advance notice of this season's Championship dates: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March at Kesgrave Sports Centre. £7 entry fee covers all events.

IDTTL Privacy Policy. Sept 2018

Please note that the IDTTL Privacy Policy has been added to the IDTTL Website here: Privacy Policy

2018/2019 Handicap Cup. Aug 2018

Handicap cup information has been circulated to all Club and Team Secretaries. If you need further information please contact Brian Blagden, the IDTTL Handicap Cup Secretary.


IDTTL League Divisions 2018/19. Aug 2018

The IDTTL Committee have decided that the number of divisions should remain the same for the forthcoming Season. The relegations/promotions have been made with the main objective of trying to achieve equal numbers in each division after team withdrawals and new additions.
The Season will start the 3rd week of September with the fixtures to follow.
PLEASE NOTE: THE TEAM NUMBERS BELOW ARE NOT THOSE USED TO CALCULATE THE FIXTURES, but show the finishing positions from last season.

1 Britannia Falcons
2 St Margarets Manor A
3 Rosary Red
4 Britannia Ravens
5 Britannia Flamingos
6 Claydon B
7 BT Hurricanes
8 Capel B
9 St Margarets Manor C
10 St Margarets Manor B
11 Wherstead Tornados

Div 1
1 Blakenham A (WAS CAPEL A)
2 BT Bright Stars
3 Trimley A
4 Britannia Eagles
5 Britannia Swifts
6 BT Ansons
8 BT Wulfs
9 Wherstead Comets
10 Hadleigh A

1 Otley Otters
3 Capel C
4 Britannia Sparrows
5 Rosary Blue
6 BT Thunderbirds
7 Wherstead Novas
8 St Margarets Manor D
9 Pickwicks Stowmarket A
10 BT Defiants

1 Britannia Petrels
2 Rosary Yellow
3 Rosary Green
4 Wherstead Meteors
5 Kingsfleet
6 Britannia Buzzards
7 Hadleigh Owls
8 Britannia Cormorants
9 Britannia Wrens
10 Pickwicks Stowmarket B

As a reminder Team Secretaries must provide a email address and all players must have an ETTA membership!

Free Table Tennis in Ipswich. Aug 2018

Ipswich Borough Council have installed a table in the Giles Room at the Town Hall. Access is via the main entrance on Cornhill, opening hours are 10:00 to 16:00 weekdays.
Anyone can pre-book an hour slot by calling 01473 432374. There is a £5 refundable deposit for anyone requiring loan of bat and balls.
In addition, the Council have put new tables into Bourne Park and St Augustine's Rec, to add to the tables already in Christchurch Park!

IDTTL 2018 AGM. July 2018

The Chairman welcomed and thanked all those present for attending. All Clubs were represented.
Presentation of the Jim Kenworthy Award for most improved Junior to Gracie Edwards. Gracie won the Ipswich, Clacton, Chelmsford and Colchester Ladies titles. The Trophy is to be found.
Secretary's Report - Andrew Mann's final report as Secretary included the following:-
- 43 teams entered in the league this season.
- Congratulations to Hadleigh A for winning the Handicap Cap. Thanks to Brian Blagden for again running a successful Handicap Cup and for Sean Gridley for stepping in.
- TTE have increased their affiliation fees from £14 to £16.
- Email addresses have been requested from all Team Secretaries for the forthcoming season.
- Acknowledgment of the work that the committee do and highlight on the support that is needed for forthcoming season. A particular mention for Jimmy Farrow for his work as treasurer and the work that he and Michael Wright do to ensure smooth running of the Championships.
Championships Report from Jimmy:-
- Entries down to 67 players from 90 at the Corn Exchange. Particularly low entry from Div 3 again.
- The light was an issue in places, but noted this was the same at the Corn Exchange.
- A request to change the match balls for next season's championships
- Location of Kesgrave and prestige of the hall was noted. It was considered that the League may hold the Championships again there.
- It was also noted that the practicality of Kesgrave Sport Centre, with the tables already there, meant setting up and packing away was much easier for the organisers.
Treasurer’s Report from Jimmy:-
- Ran through the notes to the accounts.
- League finances have sufficiently improved since switching to Kesgrave for the Championships.
- The league can then look to deploy these funds for the benefit of the league, if clubs need help with improvements to their facilities requests can be made.
- Reiteration that sponsorship levels are not what they once were.
Rule Proposals Vote:-
- Amendment to Rule 10.3
- Cancelled matches must be acknowledged by both teams, rather than a one-way communication.
- Carried.
Presentation of Trophies:-
Premier Division: Winners -— Britannia Falcons, Runners-Up -— St Margaret’s Manor A
Division 1: Winners -— St Margaret’s Manor B, Runners-Up -— Wherstead Tornados
Division 2: Winners -— Hadleigh A, Runners-Up -— Wherstead Comets
Division 3: Winners -— BT Defiants, Runners-Up -— Pickwicks Stowmarket
Handicap Cup: Winners -— Hadleigh A, Runners-Up -— Pickwicks Stowmarket
The Doris Fox Award: not awarded, no nominations received.
Winners can chose their prize (scoreboard, net, barrier..) as opposed to receiving trophies. Runners up were presented with match balls.
Election of Officers:-
Andrew Mann is stepping down as current League Secretary.
Clair Westlake to be elected as League Secretary. No opposition to this from the floor.
Request made for a Chairman.
Nobody forthcoming to fill vacant positions.
Any Other Business:-
Martin Tomes spoke to the floor about National Table Tennis Day, seeking volunteers.
Discussion about St Margarets B playing two strong players, that were too good for the Division. Whilst this was unsatisfactory they have been promoted and players should be able drop down if they wish. We don’t want to discourage players.
A request from the floor that the AGM date is set earlier. Request considered reasonable.
It was noted that there is a lack of contact details on the IDTTL website. These details have had been emailed around. Addresses are to be removed.
A suggestion of players could play for more than one Club allowing them to play in two divisions. This was considered a potential conflict of interest.
Composition of the league was discussed as the League may be losing a number of teams. Once the team numbers have been confirmed the Committee to discuss and finalise league structure.
Pickwicks Stowmarket are looking for players, this has been put on the League website and on facebook.
The number of junior boys entering the Ipswich Championships had dropped considerably. It was raised that holding the Junior events on a Sunday morning may increase entries. Ipswich Town Football Club and other table tennis fixtures to be considered before a date being arranged.
Steve Branton raised the recent GDPR regulation. The committee to look at the league compliance.
Meeting closed at 20:45.

IDTTL AGM Presentation Photos. July 2018

Table Tennis Tables For Sale. July 2018

Phoenix TTC has two tables for sale. Please see sale notice Here.

Rumour Mill

  • The following waiver of ETTA Rule (2003/4) 57.1 is to allow the staging of handicap competitions, hard bat tournaments etc. The waiver is not intended to cover the normal league competition, only an "additional competition". Under ETTA Rule (2003/4) 57.1 all Competitive Table Tennis must, subject to any waiver granted, be played under the ETTA Approved Laws of Table Tennis, which are at present as set out in this leaflet.

    National Council resolution dated 9th July 1994 under Rule (1994/5) 42.7.1, to remain in force until further resolution, states: "Any County Association, Local League or club may, without specific permission, organise and conduct an additional competition or competitions solely among its own members and players on a knock-out basis , wherein the normal provisions of the Approved Laws are varied in one or more of the following ways:

    (1) by reducing or increasing the number of points required to win a game, either for all players or differentially under a system of handicaps

    (2) by restricting the type of racket covering or by otherwise diverging from the normal requirements as to equipment."

    To answer Adrian Clarke's suggestion of finding a method to allow people to play 21pt matches without breaching the ETTA regulations, we find the above WAIVER quite restrictive:
    We cannot run a 'league' type event, it must be knock-out.
    The event must come second to the main 11 pt league - this effectively means that players must be registered and involved in the main league.

  • Being a regular cleaner of his bat, the Registration Sec' was challenged the other night for cleaning his bat between games of a match. In such a situation there's only one person to ask... Chairman Bert with his umpire blazer on. Bert ruled that there is no regulation against cleaning your bat. Footnote: The magic cleaning fluid was none other than good old Suffolk tap water bor.
  • The three week grace afforded teams to play outstanding matches at the end of the season will be enforced so that matches played after that date will not count for the final league table.
  • The Ipswich league is currently trying to increase the number of people playing the league, especially those of a younger age group. Players usually enter the lower divisions of the league at an age of 13 - 14, however, by that time they will have been playing non-league Table Tennis for a couple of years and the earlier they start the easier it is to improve. Having said that, the league welcomes players of all ages.
  • In the summer of 2000, the ETTA decided to follow the ITTF ruling on using a larger 40mm ball, as opposed to the existing 38mm ball. If you are just starting or about to get into playing again after a break, you might want to check you're using the right size. The larger ball is easier to see and is slightly slower. Great for the old'ns!.
  • Another rule change of note for those who haven't played for a while, is the one concerning bats and the rubbers. Without getting into the finer points, it basically means those playing league and competition games have to play with a Red rubber on one side and Black on the other of the bat. If you are a pimple rubber user, you will need to check the current legal pimple types, (the old grass type pimple is out!).
  • Still trying to perfect that ultimate serve that no one can return? Watch out because the ball has to be visible to the opponent for the whole of the serve. No dangling the free arm in front of the ball!
  • Think the 40mm ball is big?. In Japan 44mm balls are making an impact - will we see the same?
  • Do you keep your tracksuit on until you are properly warmed up, i.e about the middle of the first game. Soon you may have to start the warm up clothed in the manner you wish to complete the whole game.