IDTTL Handicap Cup

Handicap Rules
Entry is open to each team affiliated to the IDTTL.

a. Prior to each round match, each nominated player participating must have played for that particular team at least three league matches.
b. Between the first and second round matches, and similarly between successively rounds (up to and including the final), each nominated player must play another League match for that team.
c. If qualification (a or b) cannot be met, the team secretary must notify the Tournament Secretary as soon as the non-nominated player is known so that the Tournament Secretary may, if necessary, re-assess the player handicap.

Each player will be allocated a handicap rating, depending upon the players rating of the opposing team.

Each match will consist of twenty one individual games, each player playing all the opposing players twice, and two doubles games. A result sheet showing order of play will be available for the participating teams.

a. Before the start of each game, the players shall toss a coin to decide for choice of service or ends as in a normal game.
b. Each game will start 'love all' and proceed to 21 or two clear points. If a game goes to deuce irrespective of score it will be recorded as 22-20.
c. At the completion of each game the Adjusted Score Chart is consulted and an Adjusted Score calculated ie. Player handicapped 'F' who beats a 'J' handicapped player 21-10 would have an adjusted score of 12-15.

Match Result
a. At the completion of the match, the adjusted scores are added up and the team with the highest score wins.
b. If the totals are equal, the team having won the most games on adjusted score shall be the winner.
c. If a. & b. fail to produce a winning team, the match shall decided by a sudden death play-off on adjusted score by commencing the fixture again.

The Tournament Secretary's decision shall be final in all aspects of the competition (see Rules: Individual Championships and Tournaments)