IDTTL Player Ratings Info...


Player rating is based on finishing position from the 2010/2011 season and with applied results from subsequent season's.
Players are awarded points for winning matches, more points when the player they beat is rated significantly higher than themselves. Points are lost where they lose to a lower rated player. The table also shows their best win (based on the rating difference at the date of the match) and their biggest loss ie. losing against a player of a lower rating. Where the Best Win is blank it shows the player has never beaten a player with a higher rating. Similarly, where the Biggest Loss field is blank it shows the player has never lost to a lower rated player.
Currently statistics are updated live as matches are played.
At the start of each new season, each players' rating points are normalised, ie the top player receives as rating of 1900, and the lowest player receives 1310. All other players are adjusted accordingly depending upon their previous seasons finishing place.
As of 2014, unexpected wins and losses are now calculated on a sliding scale (previously a points difference of say between 150 and 200 would award the loser -10 points and -20 points if the difference was 201). Now the points awarded are aligned with the points difference so a difference of 190 will result in -18 points being awarded. This points scheme is applied retrospectively to seasons prior to 2014/15.