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Player Results: Gavin Bloomfield

Gavin Bloomfield
Capel B 2-8 St Margarets Aces
beat James Maidstone
beat Clair Westlake
lost to Alice Flatman
St Margarets Aces 9-1 Blakenham A
beat Kelvin Larking
beat Kieran Hills
beat Martin Edwards
St Margarets Aces 9-1 Britannia Eagles
lost to Joe Fortnum-Adams
beat Jonathan Batchford
beat Rob Wood
St Margarets Aces 8-2 St Margarets Kings
beat Jimmy Farrow
lost to Paul Cannon
beat Derek Bloomfield
St Margarets Aces 10-0 Claydon B
beat Mick Ashton
beat Adam Baker
beat Matthew Clarke
Britannia Ravens 3-7 St Margarets Aces
lost to Sean Gridley
lost to Henry Shaw
lost to Sonja Talbot
St Margarets Aces 5-5 BT Bats
beat Nigel Page
lost to Adrian Studd
lost to Trevor Lloyd
St Margarets Aces 9-1 Capel B
beat James Maidstone
beat Clair Westlake
Britannia Eagles 1-9 St Margarets Aces
beat Joe Fortnum-Adams
beat Terry May
lost to James Denyer
St Margarets Kings 1-9 St Margarets Aces
lost to Jimmy Farrow
beat Derek Bloomfield
beat Martin Taylor
Claydon B 4-6 St Margarets Aces
lost to Matthew Clarke
lost to Adam Baker
lost to Carl Ashton
St Margarets Aces 8-2 Britannia Ravens
lost to Sean Gridley
beat Sonja Talbot
lost to Henry Shaw
nothing here!