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Player Results: Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke
Otley Otters 5-5 Trimley A
beat Paul Newson
lost to David Gaught
lost to Mark Lambert
ISC B 6-4 Trimley A
lost to Chris Mayhew
lost to Chris Reeves-Croft
lost to Barry Jones
Trimley A 10-0 ISC B
beat Chris Reeves-Croft
beat Rob Butler
beat Chris Mayhew
Trimley A 6-4 Otley Otters
lost to Lawrence Cobbold
lost to David Gaught
beat Mark Lambert
Britannia Eagles 5-5 Trimley A
lost to Mark Boyland
lost to Rob Wood
beat Richard Spence
BT Wulfs 8-2 Trimley A
lost to Mark Tucker
lost to Steve Branton
lost to James Fulker