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Player Results: Andy Cassy

Andy Cassy
BT Thunderbirds 6-4 Capel C
lost to Mark Seymour
lost to John Colvin
lost to Peter Armes
BT Thunderbirds 6-4 Britannia Sparrows
beat Mark Boyland
lost to Colin Burton
beat John Sparrow
Rosary Yellow 2-8 BT Thunderbirds
beat David Aldous
lost to Tony Heath
beat Des Hindle
BT Gladiators 7-3 BT Thunderbirds
beat Carl Broadbent
lost to Sam Broadbent
lost to James Fulker
Wherstead Comets 6-4 BT Thunderbirds
lost to Tony Giddens
lost to Scott Day
lost to Melvin Ramsey
nothing here!